Search And Rescue The Pet Game

Search And Rescue The Pet

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Come and join in the rescue here with us. Search And Rescue The Pet is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Genie Fun Games for more dose of fun rescues with us daily. Have Fun!

Riva just got abandoned by her pets for she didn't know her doors are open until it was too late, almost all of them managed to escape! Riva had been taking-care of those animals and they had already became close to her, she knows in the back of her mind that her pets would return for she is the only home they know, but she can't just wait until all of them are back, she must still try her best to find them around her house.

Escape players, the situation here won't be easy for Riva for a lot of her pets have escaped and she only has to make this rescue one by one, will she be able to make it and ensure that all of her pets that escaped are safe? Escape players, you are welcome to try the animal rescue here in the suburbs, use the best of your skills and logic so you can spot clues for every single one of Riva's pets. Good luck everyone and enjoy the rescue.

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