God Statue Forest Escape Game

God Statue Forest Escape
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God Statue Forest Escape is the newest point and click lush wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games. Have fun on this potentially dangerous escape adventure with us!

The forest up ahead is quite scary, but Paul needs to venture through it still for there is a hidden place somewhere deep within it that only a few people would dare go. That said place is the god statue ruins which was abandoned a millennium ago, the place is a ruins and nature have really conquered it, but one can still make out the stone sculptures and details which are engulfed in forest moss. Paul was not deterred with the stories and other stuff given to him, he still went into the forest just to find this ruins which was said to be also beautiful. Well, that decision he made was going to be a regret for him in the end.

After hours of his journey, Paul actually arrived in the ruins and he was dumbfounded how easy it was to navigate, he expected to be very hard to get to, but actually the difficult part was getting out of there. Paul took pictures and spent an hour in the ruins until later-on, he decided to leave for he doesn't want to be caught in the darkness when the sun goes down, but then on his adventure back, the forest played a little trick on Paul and he got lost! Escape players, Paul is lost in the most dangerous place to be lost, care to join in with him and see if you can all escape the trickery of the forest? Go ahead and join us then, good luck!

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