Rural Petrol Station Rescue Game

Rural Petrol Station Rescue

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Rural Petrol Station Rescue is another new point and click shop rescue escape game made by Genie Fun Games. Good luck on your attempt here!

The petrol station had this worker who was a friend to everyone, but Sean means more to him for he was his best-friend. One day, Sean was going out of town for he had to buy something in the city which was miles away, that's why he needs to get to his friend first to fill-up full-tank. But as he got to the station however, he realized that there was a situation going-down in the place and his friend doesn't have help yet!

Sean's friend who was the worker in the gas-station was trapped in the place and he heard him really screaming inside asking for help! Sean doesn't know which room he is trapped in, he can't even open the station's doors. Something is going-on here and Sean can only theorize what happened, well he can't abandon his friend there and he must try to get him out. Escape players, Sean is going to attempt to break-in the station but he is seriously thinking about it for he doesn't want to destroy any properties. Care to help Sean to get his friend out without the use of brute force? Go ahead then and enjoy the rescue!



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