Search The Angel Wings

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This land here is enclosed and is a bit magical, Bruce knows about it for he comes there sometimes and he always finds it scary. That day he is in the place again for he comes to seek the advice from the only being there that is powerful enough to protect the place. But as Bruce arrives to where this being resides, there is a problem there.

The being Bruce came to meet is an angel, she is definitely a great source of advice and also a powerful one too. But at the moment she needs help and she needs it now. The angel needs help with her wings for those got stolen! Bruce was definitely dumbfounded when he heard that, for who is able to steal an angel’s wings? Nevertheless, Bruce will be helping the angel here, escape players want to help as well?

Search The Angel Wings is another new point-and-click retrieval rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Search The Angel Wings

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