Angel Escape From Blue Forest

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Warren enters this forest again for he does that usually to get stuff that he needs. He had lived in the place for a long time already that he knows all of the rumors of the place, one of them was this ethereal girl and she is most likely a spirit, but he never saw anything like that when he goes there, well except today.

Warren saw a girl and it’s trapped inside some cage! She was dressed all in white and she has wings! She was like an angel. Was this the girl from the stories? Why was she trapped though? As Warren looked at her, she saw her eyes pleading for help. Warren doesn’t want to do this for he is scared, but maybe he can try? Escape players, join Warren here then as he frees this girl from this cage. See what happens then.

Angel Escape From Blue Forest is the newest point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Angel Escape From Blue Forest

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