White Hen Rescue Game

White Hen Rescue

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Come and check-out the animal rescue here everyone! White Hen Rescue is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly for another fun adventure with us. Best of luck on this one.

Living in the wilderness can be very hard most of the time, that's why Gabriel had started on farming and for his starter, he had a chicken-coop, after a few months the chickens were absolutely thriving. Steady supply of eggs are coming but on his situation, he just can't afford to lose one hen or the supply would fluctuate and it might affect his project of increasing chick production. One day however, his fears were realized for he saw that his coop was open and it's just at the right moment where he saw a kid in the distance placing the hen inside the shed and then he ran!

Gabriel took-off as well to catch-up to the kid but unfortunately he couldn't, the kid did place the hen inside the shed and as Gabriel checked the shed out he realized that the door wasn't even locked. What's the kid's problem anyways? Well Gabriel has no answer to that, he'll just have to get his hen out and get it back to his coop. Escape players, Gabriel is going to try and rescue his hen here from a small shed-like house, will he be able to with the hopes that the animal is not hurt? Go ahead then and join in the rescue everyone, have fun here daily.

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