Sand Castle Game

Sand Castle

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Escape players, bring-out the best of you and try this escape adventure here! Sand Castle is another new point and click desert escape game made by First Escape Games. Good luck with the challenge.

Far away from the city in the desert, there is a lone castle deep in the heart of the dry sandy vastness of the place and travelers would not go there for they thought it's just a mirage and when they aim for it, they would easily get lost and become another victim of the desert. Elijah who was also a traveler there got pretty foolish though one day, for he thought he still have a lot of time on his hands so upon seeing the castle in the distance, he decided to aim for it and fortunately for him, he actually arrived! He somehow did not thought he would get there but upon close inspection of the castle, there were items there and it seems nobody is home. Still his curiosity was not filled and he continued to enter, a decision he will regret soon enough.

Elijah found the place to be pretty livable, even though it is mostly made out of hardened sand, it can still shield anyone from the heat, it's also pretty mysterious how they even got it to harden. Elijah found nothing of interest and he decided to leave and to tell his friends of the find too, but then there his problems began and it's getting him pretty concerned of his welfare. Escape players, care to join-in and see what might be the problem? Go ahead then and stay alert for whatever challenges are there, it can't be that easy. Have fun!


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