Farmhouse Escape Game

Farmhouse Escape

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Farmhouse Escape is a brand new point and click house escape game released by 8b Games. Have Fun on this escape adventure here in a home in the farm.

The farm is being managed by Castro and he also lives in there specifically in a farmhouse which he built. Castro only comes to the place occasionally for he had another business in the city, he only allows his farm to be managed by his brother as well as some of his men but one day however, something very ridiculous happened, for they all had told him including his brother that they need the day-off for they had different things they need to take-care of. Well, Castro had no choice but to allow them and in the end, the only person left in the farm was him.

Castro made himself comfortable in his farmhouse and throughout the day, it just brings-back memories. Through the night, Castro was slowly drifting to sleep when suddenly, he heard a thump somewhere in the house and that got him standing-up! Something is definitely here for the sounds just continued. Castro has no guests right-now and he knows all of his men as well as his brother is away, well little did he know there's more problems there and he is just about to find out. Escape players, why don't you try your luck here for fun? Good luck and enjoy with us as well.

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