Grocery Shop Rescue Game

Grocery Shop Rescue

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Give it your best shot on the rescue adventure here everyone. Grocery Shop Rescue is the newest point and click shop rescue escape game created by Genie Fun Games for more fun with us daily. Best of luck!

The grocer is closed for the day but Ron was called-in to the place for there's a situation there and as an officer, he must respond to it. Ron got the report of a girl trapped in there and everyone was baffled how she even got inside knowing that the place had been locked-shut especially in the holidays, she might have sneaked inside the night before and now she is trapped in there. Officer Ron thought why not use the keys for the store and get the youngster out? Well the keys could not be found too and they need help in trying to break the place open, that is where Ron comes in for the legalities and stuff.

Escape players, Ron is going to try lending a hand by pry-opening the store quickly with minimal damage as possible, he must rescue the girl inside the store before she hurts herself. Care to join in and see if you can also get the trapped girl out from the grocery store? Enjoy on the adventure with us then!


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