Rescue The Donkey Game

Rescue The Donkey

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Rescue The Donkey is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games for more dose of fun escapes plus a rescue with us. Good luck!

Donkeys are a valuable resource here deep in the wilderness for there are no paved roads and the trail is tough for vehicles, that is why Gill has at least a couple of donkeys which he takes care of and he uses them to get supplies from the nearby town. Gill might have wished to live in that very town, but the forest cabin where he lives now had been passed to him by his grandpa and he can't just leave such a wide area to anybody, he has to man it and probably even grow it. But one day however as Gill was planning to leave for town, he found-out that he lost a donkey! He tried to look for it and at first it wasn't easy until, he found the creature alive but unfortunately, it's not in a good situation.

Gill found his lost donkey trapped in a cage and he thought this is not good, for one this is private property and two, that's his property that's trapped there and that certain someone who set that cage is really crossing the line. Escape players, Gill needs to pry that cage open for his valuable donkey is inside it, will he be able to without destroying the contraption and probably tell that certain someone to stay-off his area? Join in on the animal rescue then and have fun here daily.

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