Amazing Zoo Escape Game

Amazing Zoo Escape

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Amazing Zoo Escape is a brand new point and click sanctuary escape game released by Selfdefiant for another fun escape adventures here with the animals. Have Fun!

Angelica crudely remembers sleeping in her room but even though she can remember just bits of it thanks to how tired she was the night prior, she can't really forget the fact that she slept in her room on her bed last-night, but when morning came and she woke-up, she found herself in a different place and what she thought was she was in a jungle! Angelica quickly stood-up and was trying hard to grasp where she really was and she was also disoriented. A few eye-scrubbing and breathing later, she finally realized where she was and it's in the country's grand zoo!

How in the world did she get here? She had no idea how she got to the place and it's already preposterous that she slept-walked to the zoo, that's just one and the other was the zoo is located in a small island near the coast. Somebody might have brought her here but at the moment, she must find her way out of the zoo first and maybe she'll find answers what happened then. Good luck everyone and enjoy the escape with us!

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