Autumn City Park Escape 5 Game

Autumn City Park Escape 5

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Autumn City Park Escape 5 is a brand new point and click forest park escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and a part of the first game as the starting-point of the series. Enjoy!

Glenn was pretty close in getting out of the national park here filled with autumn leaves, but little did he know that there was actually another person lost in the park and that was Brenda! She also got lost due to circumstances different from Glenn's, but Brenda has the easiest problem however for she got lost in an area very near from the exit, she only has to retrace her steps and she is back out. Well even if it is easy, there are still some things there that can potentially escalate the problem for the worst.

Escape players, this can't be hard of a challenge here unlike Glenn's, for he really got lost deep in the forest and because the falling autumn leaves had covered much of the path, he followed a covered path which he thought was the right one and that got him pretty lost. For this one, care to join in with Brenda who was also lost in the forest as she escapes from the park? Go ahead then and good luck on the escape before it gets dark.

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