Rescue The Giraffe Game

Rescue The Giraffe

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One of your men who works at your farm just gave you a report which was one that you never heard before. The report was all about a giraffe that got trapped in one of the barns and your men could not move to rescue it for you are the only who can access that structure. That was one peculiar report you got and it was definitely enough for you to drive there and check it out. Along the way you began to think, why was such a creature present there for that thing can only be found in Africa naturally, it must be from a zoo or somewhere and most definitely not from the nearby forest.

You finally arrived at your farm and began to figure-out then the situation. That African animal must be rescued for it can die due to being trapped and of course that could be an escapee from a zoo which conserves the animal. Escape players, the farm facility you have is not big enough for a giraffe and it will try to break-away with all its might, you need all the help you can get here, find items that can help you and be ready for the challenges that awaits.

Rescue The Giraffe is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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