Athlete Boy Escape (8b Games)

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The world sporting cup will now be commencing and for Lindon, he will be going there but not as an athlete, but as a driver of an athlete he was working for. Lindon had been working as a driver for this young boy and through the years he had seen the kid’s potential in the many sports he had tried, but he only had a few that he really masters. That day, Lindon woke-up early for he needs to be at the kid’s home so he can take him to the event. As he arrived, he immediately called for the extra time they all had is getting narrower and also to let them know that he had finally arrived. But there was a problem and Lindon thinks his help was needed.

The boy’s mother came-out of the house and she told him that his son is trapped in his room! Lindon quickly sprung into action for what else can he do but help. Escape players, the athletic kid is definitely trapped in his room and through reasons still unclear for Lindon, maybe the kid got scared and wanted to bail from the competition? But that’s unlikely for he had seen the kid as a fighter and not a loser. Want to join in the rescue here as well? Place yourself on the shoes of Lindon then and see if you can get the boy out quickly as well as safely.

Athlete Boy Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.