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Rescue The Forest King

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You never thought you'd be friends with the king of the forest. When you were younger, you got lost inside the forest. You were so afraid since you could hear some noises that you couldn't identify. Then somewhere beside you, you could see the bushes moving. You were ready to be attacked. So you just closed your eyes. But then, when you opened it, you just saw this creature looking at you. You thought it wouldn't do anything to harm you. Yet it was slowly moving towards you. You froze in your spot and just watched the creature in horror. Then from out of nowhere, you heard a lion roar and jumped in front of you. He roared louder and it scared the creature away. You were preparing for the lion to eat you. But instead, the lion just looked at you and walked towards a path.

You didn't really know what to do. However, you also didn't want to stay there and face the creature again. So you followed the lion and it showed you the way out. Since then, you went back to the forest every year to meet the lion. Yet this year, you had a hard time looking for him. And when you did, he was inside the cage. Play Rescue The Forest King outdoor escape game by Sivi Games.

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