Rescue The Rooster King

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Ernest is housing a very powerful individual, but the thing about it was this one is now a lowly poultry creature! This rooster was once a powerful king, but because he was not very kind and acted more like a tyrant than a leader, he was cursed and now he lives in Ernest’s farm as a chicken.

Ernest however knows it is the king, but even when he knows what this one has done, he still hopes that this one would change and repent, for that might break the spell and release him from what he is now. Ernest just wants to help, and for the day he will get him out of his house so he can get some sunshine. But he is going to need to find the key to it first so that rooster king can get out. Want to help Ernest here escape players so that he can?

Rescue The Rooster King is a brand new point-and-click item retrieval animal escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Rooster King

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