Rescue The Bull

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Allen’s most aggressive bull just went on a rampage and through all of that, it was able to escape from his place! Allen quickly set-out with his horse for the bull went straight into the nearby forest and there are structures there as well as people which might get hurt due to it. Allen followed the path which the ungraceful bull created and it led him to an area where a house was, upon his investigation he found-out that the animal is trapped inside that said house!

Luckily though the house wasn’t occupied for it belongs to his friend and that friend of his only comes once a year, he just left a month ago and surely he won’t be back soon, that’s enough time for Allen because he assumes that the bull had already laid waste inside the house due to its struggle because it is trapped, of course he’ll definitely fix whatever the bull damaged. Escape players, will you help Allen first though by getting his bull which was as aggressive as a hippo back before it escapes again?

Check-out this challenge everyone and may you accomplish it with flying colors! Rescue The Bull is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.