Scary Forest Escape

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The forest has a lot of scary secrets and one of those scary things are hunters who have no remorse to people as well as the animals in the forest, they sometimes even takes shots at people who wanders in their area! Darren had about enough of the stories he hears about what they do, so he decided to approach the area of one of the hunters and sabotage his operations, he will then begin to hunt them all down so their reign of terror in the land can finally end. Darren was in the area now of one of the ferocious hunters and he thinks he is still taking the advantage of the darkness and the hunter doesn’t know yet that he is there.

Darren will now begin his stuff and the first thing he will do is to free the animals the hunter had captured and then escape from there. Darren needs to do this quickly for if he messes-up then his life might get in danger. Escape players, will you help Darren here under the shadow of night as he does his first mission against the hunters?

Scary Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.