Rescue The Hippopotamus (Top 10 New Games)

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Joe has a very different pet as he lives in a small village in Africa, that’s because his pet was a hippopotamus and everyone is quite scared of such a creature for not only it can run faster than a horse no sweat, its mouth is big and powerful enough to cut a human in half! That’s how scary the animal is, but they are only defensive when they are threatened and because they are territorial, that is understandable. But Joe’s hippo though was docile to humans, for he had once rescued the animal when it was young after its mother died for it got weak and preyed upon by lions. Luckily its child survived and from then on, Joe had took care of the animal until it was now a full-grown mound of thick hide and muscle.

Joe was proud of himself for the hippo had grown and is cool around humans, but humans however are not kind to it though for one day when Joe allowed his hippo to roam around the area and become an animal that it is, a poacher or hunter’s trap captured it! Joe was furious that something like this happened to his hippo, but what can he do now but to rescue his hippo for he still has a chance and for all he knows the one who set the trap could be heavily armed! Escape players, want to help Joe here rescue his hippo before it’s too late?

Rescue The Hippopotamus is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.