Modern Executive Office Escape

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The entire office building just got a modern renovation and now only a few knows the ins and outs there for everything had changed. As a secretary of the boss there, Amelia was unfortunately not given a heads-up about the place’s new interior designs and when she walked in there to gather some paperwork very early in the morning, she got lost! Because it is early nobody is there to help her out. Amelia got lost pretty quickly and she tried to get back to familiar halls though by stored knowledge, still no such luck. Amelia didn’t want to be doomed to be lost there however, and it’s logical to keep trying for as a secretary she should know the place by now.

Escape players, will you help Amelia here with her problem at the office before her boss arrives and find her lost? Go ahead then and she really needs to figure this out for all she knows her boss might not be in the best of spirits today and might scold her. Keep your eyes on clues then which can potentially help you get out of the problem.

Modern Executive Office Escape is another new point and click complex escape game made by Fun Escape Games.