Rescue Easter Bunny Game

Rescue Easter Bunny

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You were once an Easter bunny yourself. After doing a good job in one of your missions, it was decided to give you the ultimate Easter gift. You went to bed a bunny and woke up as a human. Your last mission wasn't an easy one. You were tasked to deliver the Easter eggs to the people who were enjoying the waterfalls. You liked waterfalls as well but without any humans in it since they should never see you during your mission. They were all enjoying the cool water when suddenly you saw three people struggling in the middle. They must have gone to the area where the water was too deep. You noticed that two of them would be able to escape. However, one was dragging them down. You were stunned for a while and just stayed wide eyed in your location. 

You couldn't bear the scene anymore and jumped into the water. The only way you thought you could save them was by kicking them hard. Fortunately it worked. The one who didn't know how to swim was able to reach the shallow side while the other two swam to safety. Today, you recognized one bunny who was out to fulfill his mission but was in danger of being seen. Play Rescue Easter Bunny outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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