Find The Easter Greeting Card Game

Find The Easter Greeting Card

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Ever since you got to know the idol you were following online, you didn't stop interacting with its account. There wouldn't be a day when you wouldn't leave a like or a comment on the idol's post. Your friend noticed your effort and asked you about how long you would be doing this. You smiled a little and told him you'd do this until the idol noticed you and then you'd be doing it again after that. Your friend just looked at you and smiled back. You could tell he wasn't really sure if you would be able to achieve your goal. But you had no plans of quitting. So you continued to do the same things you did everyday. Then Easter came. You just finished writing you Easter greetings on the idol's account when you heard your doorbell rang. You weren't expecting any mail today.

But you still got up and checked what it was about. Then the mailman handed you an envelope. You checked the address and it was from a foreign country. Your mind immediately thought about your idol. You couldn't wait to open it and saw an Easter greeting card from the idol you were following. You displayed it in your home but your friend must have been annoyed with it that he kept it somewhere. Play Find The Easter Greeting Card room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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