Escape From Villa Room Game

Escape From Villa Room

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You found this villa while looking for some houses to stay in a nearby city. You wanted to work on your artworks in a new surrounding so you could have new inspirations as well. However you knew you had to be very careful with your choices. Although this service was doing its best to only give the highest quality to its client, sometimes they just missed it. You didn't want a very big space as you could sometimes freak out if there were parts of the house you couldn't see especially if you were alone. There was a villa room that seemed to fit your need. You inquired about the place but there was no reply. You decided to wait for a while and browsed other rooms. However, no matter how many times you turn the page, you were always brought back to the villa.

So you decided to refresh the page hoping to get a different result. What you got instead was a reply from the owner. He said the villa was available and you could get in anytime you wanted. You immediately packed your stuffs and head out. The villa looked comfortable but its fridge was empty. You planned to go out and buy some food but you couldn't. Play Escape From Villa Room room escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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