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Ready To Propose

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Mitch was ready to propose with his girlfriend and he is going to do that at the lush park where they met for the first time, his girl doesn't know Mitch was going to propose and she thought they were just going for a stroll at the park. The two traversed the park's path and everything was getting romantic, Mitch was getting his bearings as well as they go but at some point however, they both experienced some trouble for almost suddenly, they couldn't find each other! They called loudly so they can hear each other's direction, that's where Mitch realized that his partner is getting even farther and farther!

Mitch doesn't know what's going-on and he knows that there are parts of the place here that are not easy to traverse into, but he'll propose to his girl today and he will save this effort by finding his girl quickly before she gets hurt or something. It's a good thing you came-by escape players, Mitch needs help here in the place for his girl is somewhere in the forest which he couldn't distinguish where exactly. Will you help him out so he can propose to her?

Ready To Propose is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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