Cute School Girl Escape Game

Cute School Girl Escape

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Every kid in the village goes to school and for that day, everybody was accounted for except for one, because the village here is small and everybody knows everybody, one of the local school's teachers came to the house of that certain someone to find-out what's the reason of her being absent. That teacher was Elmer and the student was a little girl who was doing really good at school, maybe she is sick so he brought her some fruits, but that's not what she needs now though for she is actually trapped in her own home and her parents which are the only ones that can help her, are missing!

Elmer talked to the girl from the outside and asked her what's going-on, the girl doesn't know either for she just woke-up like that and trapped. Elmer is pretty confused now but because she is trapped and clearly needs help, he'll definitely give her a hand by getting her out safely and of course not destroying anything as much as possible in the process too. Escape players, will you join in the rescue as well and see if you can do this save for the little girl?

Cute School Girl Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game from Avm Games.

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