Save The Mermaid (Avm Games) Game

Save The Mermaid (Avm Games)

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Once a month you would go out to the sea to visit your mermaid friends. You were once a mermaid yourself. But after helping a human from drowning who turned out to be a fairy from the forest, she rewarded you with legs. You mostly stay on land now trying to convince the human beings to take care of the land and the sea. Your fairy friend didn't ask you to do this but you just felt the need to after seeing how things were above the water. Your mermaid friends knew all about what happened to you and they were always looking forward to your visit. They loved hearing stories from the land and you loved hearing about the happenings underwater as well. You get your tail back when you are with fellow mermaids so exploring the ocean floor never became a problem.

Sometimes your friends would swim out with you. Other times you went out alone. In one of your explorations you saw a closed mermaid house. It was quite strange as mermaids loved keeping their houses open. You went closer and saw a mermaid needing help with her closed house. Play Save The Mermaid (Avm Games) outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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