Mermaid Fantasy Forest Escape Game

Mermaid Fantasy Forest Escape

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You hadn't been in an aquarium for so many years. The last time you were there, you were only a little kid. Your school had a trip and one of the places you visited was the aquarium. You didn't want to leave the place. Aside from the fish and other sea creatures, there were mermaids there. One even waved at you and tried to talk to you. Surprisingly, you understood her. You thought everyone else did. So on your way out, you kept telling your classmates that you had to help the mermaid escape. Your friends were very good at playing along. A few years later, you asked them about your plans on helping the mermaid. But your friends admitted they never really heard the mermaid talked. It was like the world shattered. You thought all the while what happened there was nothing out of the ordinary.

You went back to check on the mermaid. The place looked more like a fantasy forest. But the mermaid was still there and she easily recognized you. Your promise still lived. And you wouldn't leave until you fulfill it. Play Mermaid Fantasy Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape to help the mermaid live the life she should.

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