Save The Mermaid Couple Game

Save The Mermaid Couple

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Your very first dive as a licensed diver excited you. You had been training for many months and you couldn't wait to apply what you had learned. However, you still hoped nothing would go wrong. Even after all those training, you felt like you still had tons to learn. Just then, you heard the signal from your leader to start your dive. You took a deep breath and touched the water. You were on an assignment to research about a specific part of the sea. There were certain things that you should search for. And you had placed them securely inside your head. Your eyes were at first focusing on searching for these things. But you saw something strange from a distance. You squinted your eyes to have a clearer look. Yet the continuous movement in the water made it hard.

So you moved closer to check it out. You almost swam away when you saw what was struggling inside the cave. It was a mermaid couple. Someone must've found them and kept them jailed for further research. You believed that these kinds of creatures be left alone. Play Save The Mermaid Couple outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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