Dr. Dinkle - Aztec Ruins Game

Dr. Dinkle - Aztec Ruins

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Dr. Dinkle was in the Aztec Ruins when you received his call. He was such a busy man that you sometimes forgot his location. You were his secretary and your job was to keep a detailed record of all the things he discovered. Sometimes he would give you the references for the sources of information. Other times he would just give you the list of items and then you had to search about them all yourself. If you could find the information easily, then you like it. But when you needed to search a whole bunch of references, then that could make you lose interest at some point. However, it was not like you could just quit. Dr. Dinkle was alwasy updating you regarding the details of the items he left with you. When his call came, you thought he would ask about some updates.

But he didn't. Instead, he wanted you to go to the Aztec Ruins. It was your first time to visit him in location. He usually wanted to work alone. Yet he must be needing a lot of help to reveal his location and ask you to come. Play Dr. Dinkle - Aztec Ruins outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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