Secret Crypt Castle Escape Game

Secret Crypt Castle Escape

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In the royal castle, there is another secret place other than the dungeons which is almost like a secret there, but as bad as luck can give Marcus, he got caught down there after going behind detection just to search for that said secret place which rumor has it that it is called the secret crypt. Marcus was sent to the dungeons for his crimes of trespassing in the castle but they didn't know however, Marcus was a master of escape and he managed to do that with his cell in the middle of the night!

The kingdom was slack in security for they think their prisons and dungeons are tightly sealed for anyone to escape, but Marcus is an expert of the place now after studying it very well, now he only has to find that secret crypt and be on his way like a ninja in the night. There are no guards at the moment for as said previously, their security is slack, that gives Marcus a lot of opportunity to do what he needs to do before the sun goes up. Escape players, want to join on the escape here with Marcus from dark places under the castle?

Secret Crypt Castle Escape is a brand new point and click dark complex escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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