Queer Monkey Escape

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There is this not-so usual animal in the village for not only it understands humans, but also dresses like them! This animal is a monkey or a chimp or something, it is very different and distinct and one can tell that it’s him from other wild monkeys which lives in the forest nearby. As a person who is a resident there, Ronald does not really care too much of the creature, for he has problems to solve himself and chores to finish all day so he doesn’t really have time for anything. But he needs to make time that day though especially for this said monkey, for when he passed by this house he found this animal trapped in it!

Ronald didn’t even know there was this room here which has grills as its doorway, it really looks like a cell and when he saw the monkey in there he was confused, he thought the people here loved this animal, but why did they lock it in? Ronald didn’t want to meddle here but he somehow feels that he needs to free this monkey and it’s quite a strong feeling. Escape players, imagine you are Ronald here now, will you be able to free that monkey there?

Queer Monkey Escape is a brand new point-and-click animal rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Queer Monkey Escape

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