Dinky Monkey Escape

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Marvin has this close-friend in their village whom he is in debt to many times over for saving him several times in the past. This friend of his has a nickname and she is being called in the village the charming dinky monkey, for not only she was small but also she was a real monkey! Well people and animals have lived together here in the village for decades and they have already co-existed with each other. The animals were quite smart as well just like humans, they can even talk and do what humans would do, the difference was only their appearance. Marvin was human though and that day he will be going to his friend for they have class that day, but there was a problem there in her home and well he will help her for as mentioned he is in debt to her.

Marvin found his friend trapped inside her house there and it’s weird why she didn’t have any help! Marvin have no idea what happened to her, but of course he is going to get her out of there or they will be late. Escape players, imagine you are Marvin here, will you be able to free his friend the so called dinky monkey and safely?

Dinky Monkey Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Dinky Monkey Escape

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