Think to Escape

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This hotel here is burning and the fire is slowly creeping to Paul’s room. He can’t hear anybody in the other rooms but he can clearly hear the fire slowly eating the outside of his room, soon it will come in and it’s going to engulf the room where he was, that’s why he needs to find a way out of there now!

Escape players, Paul cannot simply open the door there and run, for the fire is on that side and he fears that if he opens the door, an explosion might occur for the flames will now consume the fresh-air that’s in his room. He needs to find another way out of here and quickly. Will you help Paul here on this life-threatening escape? Be decisive on this then for one mistake could plunge Paul into his demise.

Think to Escape is a point-and-click room escape game developed by Phix. You must use your logic and tools that are around to save yourself from this burning hotel.

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Walkthrough video for Think to Escape

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