Pygmy Marmoset Escape Game

Pygmy Marmoset Escape

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Pygmy marmosets are a protected animal here in the strange forest, the place is called strange for it has a peculiar tinge of orange and most times of the year, it is like that. Maybe it is the tree's leaves contrasting and filtering the light to turn orange? What about pollen or gasses? Even then pygmy marmosets call it home and as a person who also lives near that forest, Toby does the protecting himself too. One day, Toby never thought that trait of his will be tested big-time, for a cage just made itself visible and inside was one of the few marmosets that lives in the place, and it was trapped!

A poacher? Here? Possibly, but how come Toby have not seen or notice them? He is a seasoned hunter and a tracker but how did they evade his radar? Must be some poachers they are, but now their cage had caught something really important, Toby decided he'll free the animal as carefully and stealthy as possible. He came to conclude that the one who had set this trap is experienced, of all he knows he might already be in the sights of the perpetrator. Escape players, want to join this animal rescue here and see if you are careful enough to do so without getting yourself in danger? Place yourself on the shoes of Toby then and be ready as you open the doors of the cage.

Pygmy Marmoset Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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