Escape From Magic Forest Game

Escape From Magic Forest

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The magic forest is a really old place, it is so old that it can still be found in the ancient tomes and it is very likely that it is much much older. Nobody goes there though for the strangeness is enough to put people off, but despite of that Shane decided to make his entrance in that said wilderness, the place not only holds quite undesirable things, but wholesome things too which can help anyone from a change of luck, to health. Shane plans to find a special herb in there which can cure a life-threatening illness of his grandfather, he still wanted his grandpa to live a little-bit longer for his stories from his younger years must be preserved, that's one of the reasons why Shane left. But the forest is not going to give what it has however.

Instead of finding that herb mentioned a lot in the old books, Shane got lost and he knew it was all the doing of the forest. Shane ain't going to back-down still, for hope will be lost when he gives-up. Escape players, care to join Shane here on his adventure in the forest and see if you can help him navigate?

Escape From Magic Forest is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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