Pretty Ghost Escape Game

Pretty Ghost Escape

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There is this village in the forest and the people there are living peacefully with everything they have, but when one day when they discovered a cave in the said wilderness which was first quite innocent, they saw a ghost and even though it doesn't look that scary, they were in horror and it broke the peace! They sent an exorcist quickly for the strange spirit won't even disappear, it just floats and now follows the people! Eventually the exorcist managed to catch it and trap the ethereal thing in a blessed cage which seems to work.

The spirit wasn't able to escape and it now looks down. As a villager there, Jeremy was told not to get near it but he refused and decided to ask what happened to it and what it wants. It doesn't remember much but it told him a few times that it's not mischievous or destructive. Jeremy knows things like them can be deceitful, but somehow Jeremy seems to be trusting it, he can't explain but he feels like that being needs to be freed for it still has a mission and an important one too. Escape players, imagine you are Jeremy here deciding if you'll do something which goes against every villagers' wishes there. Will you do it and free the ghost?

Pretty Ghost Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

  1. Date: February 17, 2021
    Author: b165042407
    Incredible... I understand that I have nothing to do with it. But as soon as I talked about the problem with scaling in G4K, it was instantly fixed! [Reply]

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