Dark Cemetery Escape Game

Dark Cemetery Escape

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Timothy's house is located inside a scary cemetery in the middle of the scary forest and with no neighbors at all! Well he has neighbors actually, only they are the dead ones. Timothy is being pushed every single day to find a new place but he has nowhere to go and besides, if he moves then he is going to need a ton of budget for that which he currently doesn't have, that's why he just puts-up with what he has at the moment. Timothy doesn't really go around the cemetery for it creeps him out but he was just lucky he got the place for free. Well that day which turned into night real quick, Timothy got into a pretty serious problem and because he doesn't have any help, he is on his own!

Timothy is lost in the cemetery for he was just looking for wild herbs for the first time, but because he came to an area he doesn't really often go into, he got lost right there! Timothy have already tried his best to look for the way home, but the tombs and the landmarks are all too confusing, it's night now and that only made the situation worst. Escape players, you will now be playing as Timothy here, will you be able to get back home before this situation turns from worst to nightmare?

Dark Cemetery Escape is the newest point and click scary area escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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