Parky Forest Escape Game

Parky Forest Escape

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The forest behind the city had just been turned into a jogging trail, the forest is still a wilderness though and the only thing that has changed was the path and it now looks more like a national park reserve. Even then when one is walking along the path just like when they are walking in their garden, they can still get pretty lost especially when they push further into the place. That is exactly what happened to Dominic when he made the mistake of jogging further down the path and in the end because there are a lot of those paths, he got lost!

He loved the new feature of the place to the point that he just got lost in his bliss while jogging, he should find the right path back now for if it gets later in the day and he is still lost then it will get dark and that's when the real problem starts. Escape players, come and help Dominic here navigate the place and quickly before the sun sets. Have yourself a fun escape adventure as well and be ready with the fact that you can still get pretty lost deeper into the forest.

Parky Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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