Meeting Room Fun Escape Game

Meeting Room Fun Escape

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The manager made the rooms around the meeting room to be colorful and fun, for he wants his employees to stay calm and not blow their reports due to fear of being in-front of the entire board. So he does what he can to help by changing a bit of the ambiance. That day, there was going to be another meeting and people are preparing for their presentation before everything starts. As one of the important workers there in the office, Sasha prepared the room as asked by the boss and she did everything she was told until suddenly, she realized that she got trapped in the meeting room!

Sasha had no idea what happened, she was doing her work when all of the doors just wouldn't open. Did the boss install a new modern security system which if triggered it can lock anybody in? Maybe, but she should have given information about it and because she received none, she assumed this was some sort of mistake. Escape players, will you help Sasha here escape before her boss finds-out? She wishes to report this herself so, but first she must solve this.

Meeting Room Fun Escape is a brand new point and click office escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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