Opulent Bee Escape

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Lavish bees are endemic near the town and people shouldn’t mess with them, for they are quite protective of their homes which always looked very well made, it’s definitely luxurious in bee standards. But not all would listen to such though especially the mischievous ones who would rather torment people or animals just for fun, and that day one opulent bee as they call it, got victimized.

As an officer in the town, James saw this but it was already too late when he tried to stop those mischievous kids, now this one bee is currently in some trouble and is in-need of help. It’s a good thing James is there to help the bee for at the moment, it is trapped in something and it couldn’t get out from it. Those darn kids, but he’ll deal with them later for right-now the exotic bee which are only endemic in the area takes priority. Escape players, for this game here you need to help James free the bee so it can return to its home then safely. Will you be able to do that for the welfare of wildlife in the place?

Opulent Bee Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.