Rescue The Horse (Games 2 Live)

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Lester’s horse is really his only source of transportation there in the green and thick forest, without it he would have spent hours just getting from point A to point B for everything is really distantly spaced from each other. That day it was going to be an errand-filled for him and it’s going to be a lot to the point that he might not end those all in one day! But as he realized something though there is a chance that he won’t be doing anything that day at all, for he just found-out that his horse is missing!

Lester looked everywhere even inside his house! But he can only find faint tracks and his. There were no other tracks but who knows, the perpetrator might be wearing hooved footprints so there is still a possibility that this had been done by someone, one factor too is if his horse ever escaped then it won’t go too far and will definitely return. Escape players, who knows where that horse is but Lester is going to find it for the animal is very important to him. Will you be able to help and maybe you can find it easily?

Rescue The Horse is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Live.