Tiger Rescue

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You weren’t aware of the cruelty happening behind the animal attractions of the places you visited. It was summer time when you saw your first elephant. You were on vacation. Happiness filled your mind. The new experiences thrilled you. Then you rode an elephant and let it walk for a few at least a kilometer. It was so fun being on the chair and then moving to sit on the neck of the elephant. You didn’t feel bad for the animal because you thought you were relatively light. The ride ended and you were about to exit the place when you saw a tiger. It was in chain and people were paying to sit next to it to have a picture taken. You were asked numerous times by the organizer. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to sit next to it.

You met a guy on a trip who took some of your pictures and promised to send it to you. Weeks had passed yet to picture came. So you decided to check who the guy was and you saw one of his posts about the animals used for attractions. Your heart broke knowing they should undergo cruelty to crush their spirits and just follow what humans wanted. So you promised not to let it happen to other animals. The tiger you found inside the cage was not an exception. Play Tiger Rescue room escape game by Avm Games.