Monkey Go Happy - Stage 172 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 172

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You were looking forward to be somewhere modern. The scenery in your place may look cool for those who didn't live here. But for you, the place really needed some revamp. However, no one was willing to work for it. It seemed like they were very contented with the way things were. You couldn't understand why they were thinking this way. So there were times when you would spend a lot of time in your room to dream of new surroundings. You drew a lot of buildings in your plans and then some vehicles. The scenery you have now would just be a part of the memory of the creatures living here. You were so deep in your thought. Then you heard multiple knocks from your door. They weren't the knocks of your friends. And you knew they must be the tiny monkeys.

You opened the door and they all rushed inside dragging you to the mission door. The surprise upset you a bit. But then you thought about the possibility of being in a place with a very different view. So you started to lighten up and enjoy the unknown adventure you would be having. Yet as soon as you stepped out of the door, the same environment appeared. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 172 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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