Mischievous Boy Escape (Games 4 King)

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In the old village where Julio lives, the place is a bit dim but the people there live happily especially the lost boys who lives in the old structures there. They are a bit of a problem though, especially for the merchants because when they go hungry they steal food. Julio was one of the witnesses of their misdeeds, but because there are only a few who would try and even catch them, they just stay there and nobody is dealing with them. One day however as Julio was going to his friend but first he needs to pass the old settlement of the lost boys, he heard a cry of help from there!

Julio decided then what he needs to do, will he respond to it or ignore it? For there is  a chance it could be a trap and even though they are just kids, he was only one and will be rendered outnumbered. Well, they have nothing to take from him though, unless they became even violent today, Julio just hopes their leader is not up to something and if he responds to this call for help then he might be able to change their minds of being undesirables in the village. Escape players, want to join Julio here to respond on a call for help? Come and test this game then from Games 4 King.

Mischievous Boy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.