Nurse Escape Game

Nurse Escape

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Nurse Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Avm Games for more dose of fun and daring rescues with us. Good luck!

The village finally had its first nurse and through the months ever since she graduated, she had helped the villagers on their ailments and now, she is considered as an important professional in the place. Everyday, people would come to the nurse's home but there was one patient though that needs special care and the nurse decided that she'll just come to the place and help that someone. But when she got to the house however, the situation was something else and now the nurse is trapped!

There was actually no patient and the house was even empty, what's concerning about it too is when the nurse entered the door behind her closed and she couldn't get herself out! That nurse must be saved for the village had already waited for so long in getting healthcare thanks to their distance from the nearest city. Luckily, the village has this hero who responds to every problem that the village has, and that is Gaston, he definitely took the rescue mission and get the nurse out of there safely. This looks like a sabotage or something, but Gaston will have to worry about it later and prioritize this rescue. Escape players, care to join Gaston here on this sensitive problem? Stay alert then everyone and have fun!

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