Empty Studio Hall Escape Game

Empty Studio Hall Escape

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Empty Studio Hall Escape is the newest point and click room escape game created by Genie Fun Games. Best of luck to you on this daring escape everyone!

Arnold was invited to the studio for he was told that his work was recognized and now they need him in the building in a specific room somewhere there. Arnold absolutely obliged on that invitation, for who can just receive such an invite and after his hard-work, he thought it's time for that big break. But Arnold is unsuspecting of the eventual trouble he will be facing as he gets to the place.

Arnold finally arrives in the building room and he expected sound mufflers on the walls, recording equipment, hundreds of mics, but instead he was faced with an absolutely empty room and when he stepped in, the door behind him suddenly slammed shut! Arnold immediately felt the abandonment for he thought he was betrayed by that invite, as creepy as the situation is he still thought this could be a prank. But well he is now trapped in the empty room here and he can't just let that be even if it's just a prank. Escape players, Arnold needs to escape from this room now, care to join in and see if you can all make it out? Go ahead then and be very careful, for even Arnold doesn't know what's exactly going-on here. Have fun!

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