Seagull Rescue Game

Seagull Rescue

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Check-out the animal rescue here in the docks. Seagull Rescue is brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun with us. Have Fun!

The seagull is currently lost and it's not good for the animal has this secret message in a compartment in one of its feet and that missive is a darn valuable one unfortunately. Taro doesn't want that seagull lost for if it ever falls in the wrong hands, then they could lose the entire docks where they all live! That's how important that information is. Taro must look around every corner and all locked-doors in the area, maybe it just got trapped into something after it got distracted with food, will he be able to find that seagull and most especially that important message.

Escape players, that seagull itself is valuable, that's why he needs to rescue it no matter how hard it is for he can lose two birds on this unfortunate one stone of a problem. Place yourself on Taro who was having a problem and may you all find that seagull safely. Use your skills and logic then for this potentially simple or a daring rescue. Good luck!

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