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Non Stop 01

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There was this huge mansion in the outskirts of town and it's not just any normal abode however, for it has a huge puzzle and if anyone gets caught in it, he or she might not be able to escape and if ever, not most in one piece. Paolo went to that mysterious place for an adventure and just to overall discover the structure, he never really though that there are traps in there and some are absolutely built to kill! But on other aspects, it somehow becomes an obstacle that it just doesn't want anybody to escape from there. Paolo surely faced that kind of situation and because he wasn't really expecting such, he got stuck between those and a hard place which unfortunately he must now face.

Paolo is going to face swinging axes and potentially spikes coming-out from the floors and walls! But really in-order to escape he must go through it or better yet, just find a secret door here which can lead out from the place quickly and safely, that however might need a whole lot of skill so escape players, will you join in the escape here with Paolo and see if you can? Try not to stop or traps might get you.

Non Stop 01 is a brand new point and click house escape game from First Escape Games.

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