Mysterious Forest (First Escape Games) Game

Mysterious Forest (First Escape Games)

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People around you thought you simply love the Mysterious Forest because you were mysterious yourself. You arrived in your neighborhood as a baby. But it seemed like no one around saw you grew up. You appeared in the neighborhood when you were already working. You still lived in your old house. However, you had it all to yourself. Your parents decided to spend their golden days on a house in the forest. So you had to visit them every week. Then again, these were just your excuses. You were a half-fairy and half-human. Your parents met in the most magical way and chose for you to retain both characteristics. You had so much when you were younger playing with your fellow fairies and other animals. But your parents wanted you to reach out to the human world more. That was when you returned to the neighborhood.

Then again, you always made time to be with your fairy friends. You definitely love flying around the colorful forest and eating fairy treats with your friends.A friend invited you over for some forest snacks. You waited for her outside of her house but she wasn't able to come out. Play Mysterious Forest (First Escape Games) outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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