Abandoned Mansion (First Escape Games) Game

Abandoned Mansion (First Escape Games)

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Your search for a new home is over. You finally found the perfect place for you. When you saw this ad on the internet, you felt that you are already home. This huge mansion fits your budget so you quickly went to the mansion to check it out. However, the picture in the ad is so far from reality. This is not the house that you are expecting. But because you are on a budget, you still went in to check the place. The mansion is huge but it was so old. You read the ad's description and it says that the owner abandoned this mansion a long time ago. With that story, you decided not to take the mansion. But when you tried to open the door, another problem arose. The door won't open and you don't have the key.

Because of this, you need to roam around the mansion and look for objects that you can use to open the door. You also have to use your logic to make this massive escape possible. Can you make it? Abandoned Mansion (First Escape Games) is the newest room escape game from First Escape Games. Good luck and have fun!

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